The Sea and the Climate are Changing

E tini ana te ahua o Te moana me Te āhuarangi

As a coastal city, Wellington is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change – particularly sea level rise and severe weather events.

Climate change is already happening, and some of its effects are unavoidable. Our immediate challenge in the central city is the flooding that happens following heavy rainfall. Our planning needs to factor this in – whether we’re thinking about where to build new homes to accommodate our growing population, or making choices about transport and infrastructure.

Should we move away from increasingly flood-prone areas? Design buildings to better withstand flooding? Create urban waterways to help channel and control flooding?

These are just some of the questions we’re asking and inviting Wellingtonians to comment on.

It is essential we ask these questions now and begin planning for the changes we are already seeing. This way we can build a city that is able to withstand current and future environmental challenges.